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Message from the President MA State Council Vietnam Veterans of America

Greetings Brother Vets,

This is just a quick update from the "Presidents Desk."                                                                    

On 22 Sept. 2012 a special meeting was held in Auburn Ma of the VVA Ma State Council. 

 At this meeting it was voted 12-2 to dissolve the State Council's relationship with Bay State Vietnam Veterans Inc.

This action is a result of an ongoing investigation by the Attorney General's office of the fundraiser previously under contract to BSVV.

  It does not indicate any wrongdoing by the officers or board of BSVV. 

This is simply "damage control"  for the VVA and the State Council and was encouraged by SC delegates and VVA National.

We will be moving forward with VVMI and hope for a successful relationship in the future.

Thanks for your time.


Skip Hochreich
Pres. Ma State Council
Vietnam Veterans of America

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